Ph.D.Prof. Shanq-Jang Ruan (阮聖彰)

Contact Information

Email: sjruan@mail.ntust.edu.tw


B.S., Computer Science & Information Engineering, Tamkang University, Taiwan

M.S., Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Professional Experience

Assistant and Associate Professor, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(Taiwan Tech);

Former Vice Chair of the Dept. of the Electronic and Computer Engineering; Former Chair of Inter-disciplinary Bachelor‘s Program; Former Vice Dean of Academic Affairs; Former Chair of Institute of Science &Technology. Currently Dean of Academic Affairs.

Research Interests

Embedded Deep Learning Architectures and Applications.

Honors & Awards

2019: Excellent Research Award of Taiwan Tech.

2019: Outstanding teaching award of Taiwan Tech.

2017: Macronix Golden Silicon Awards. Best Instructor. Taiwan.